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Permits and Certificates of Authorization

Thinking of some changes to your property, a new house, or even just some general maintenance? Then, it’s time to call the Municipal Inspector.

Even though you are the owner of your property, many aspects of your property are covered under municipal and provincial laws. The municipal inspector can help you efficiently integrate these applicable laws into your project.

Do you really need a permit for your project? It depends, but you are required to inquire for any work that you do on your property. Do not assume that your contractor will do this for you. This is also a cheap insurance against expending valuable resources in a project that could require you to make modifications to the work already done, pay a fine, or worse, demolish the work and restore the site.

Downloadable Forms:

The following are examples of the type of work that requires either a permit or a certificate of authorization:

  1. Construction, expansion, or reconstruction of a main building;
  2. Implementation of a mobile home;
  3. Construction, expansion, or reconstruction of an accessory building;
  4. Installation or assembly of a modular or prefabricated building;
  5. Construction, expansion, or reconstruction of a telecom antenna;
  6. Construction, expansion or reconstruction of a livestock facility;
  7. Construction, expansion or reconstruction of an agricultural building or stand;
  8. Excavations and backfilling;
  9. Felling of trees;
  10. Displacement, demolition, repair or renovation of a main or accessory building;
  11. Change of usage;
  12. Establish a home business;
  13. Interior modification that modifies the number of bedrooms;
  14. Construction, expansion or reconstruction of a swimming pool;
  15. Installation, displacement or reconstruction of an exterior furnace;
  16. Installation of a geothermal heating or cooling system;
  17. Installation, displacement or modification of any billboard or sign;
  18. Do work on the shoreline on in a watercourse;
  19. Construction or modification of a lake or artificial pond;
  20. Lay out a parking lot or loading and unloading zone;
  21. Building, transforming, extending or reconstructing a septic installation;
  22. Installing, building, moving or modifying a domestic wind turbine;
  23. Installing a well;
  24. Permanently occupying the public thoroughfare either by encroachment, aerial or underground passage, underground vault, or any use whatsoever;
  25. Siting or modifying a car ramp;
  26. Building or running a kennel;
  27. Using the ground for purposes of running a sand or gravel pit;
  28. Burning brush or starting a fire.

Finally, if you consider your property an investment, then remember that for an acquired right to be granted, it has to be born in legality. Therefore, unauthorized work or works that do not conform to current laws and regulations can then become a liability at the time of the sale of your property.
Enjoy your property, your neighborhood, and any project that they inspire, because with ingenuity, some compromise and good planning, most projects are possible.

List of active permits and certificates of authorization

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