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Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Urbanism Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Municipal Council on urbanism and land use planning.

Your Urbanism Committee Members

Name Chair Voting Member Fin du mandat
Mr. Gilles Asselin 1 X November 2018
Mr. Cedric Briggs 2 X November 2019
Mrs. Lisa Merovitz 3 X November 2019
Mr. Sylvain Desjardins 4 X November 2019
Mrs. Helen Mort Rhicard 5 X November 2019
Mr. Eddy Whitcher 6 X November 2019
Mrs. Christine Chaput 7 X November 2018
Mr. Jacques Drolet Mayor X N/A
Mr. Michael Ferland
Responsible of urbanism N/A N/A

Quorum = 4 out 8 voting members.

The meetings usually are scheduled at 1:30 p.m., the first Thursday of the month.


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